Different Types of Logos

A logo can be defined as a combination of text and image representing your brand, whether you’re a small or a big business. A logo is a part of branding for any business. It helps our business to stand apart and make themselves memorable. In simple words, a logo is the mark of a company. Here we will learn Different Types of Logos design.

There are two main categories of logo design

  1. Logos which are only text. They usually include the name of the company or the initials.
  2. Logos which include both text and symbol.

Why do you need Logos?

Logos help businesses communicate their ideas and goals through text and image. It helps them reach their audience better. Symbols are of different types and are also made of different designs. Simple logos are the hardest to make, including a lot of meaning and help the brands to communicate their vision. Those simple logos are the hardest to make, and they’re also the most successful.

Different Types of Logos:

For every kind of business, there is a need for a different type of logo. Each type of logo design has its unique attribute and must be chosen carefully. Depending on the type and method, there can be various kinds of logos. Below are some of the most commonly used Different Types of Logos.

    1. Wordmark Logo

      Wordmark logotype is purely text which focuses only on the name of the business. That means that the logo is the name of the business itself. Some famous examples are Coca-Cola and Google. Wordmark logos work well for those companies that, however unique and distinct characters. It also works for those companies that have already made a name for themselves. If the word itself is catchy and easily memorable, it works well as a logo.

      This kind of logo does not include any type used type of symbol or drawing or any illustration. The text itself is the center of attention. But even if there is no use of graphics, typically, there is still a lot of space to show creativity. The way the text is written communicates the personality of the brand or its message. The writing can be formal, curious, playful, etc.

      The best thing about using a wordmark logo is that it can be used across various platforms. A lot of the time, the text is also shortened and used as a monogram. For example, Facebook F is used across all platforms and is also famous for it.

    2. Monogram Logo

      Monogram logos are another form of the logo which uses only text. Also, if a company’s name isn’t short, only initials are used to make the logo known as monogram logos. They are also known as letter marks. Some of the most famous companies that use such logos are IBM, CNN, HP, and HBO. This kind of logo usually has three or four letters which are initials of the company, and instead of using symbols, these letters form a catchy logo.

      It is also a common practice for smaller or new businesses to use letter marks and put the company’s name as a whole below it to build more brand recognition

      Lettermarks and monograms are usually made in a way that they look good in a small space. It is very important to correct the font style for such logos as the letters themselves are used to make the brand’s name memorable. For example, the aim in McDonald’s or KFC is associated would be granted so much that we can recognize it just my dear letters. Mostly use logo in Different Types of Logos.

    3. Combination Logo

      This kind of logo is what it states it is. That is, it is a combination between letter marks and symbols. These are often known as logomark. Combination logos are one of the most commonly used logo designs because they can be used across various platforms. The symbol can be used for social media pictures or app icons, and the entire logo can be used on billboards or websites.With this kind of logo, a symbol can be used anywhere, whether outside the letter or inside the text.

      The sign can also sometimes communicate the name of the company. The symbol can be an identifying element for the company. It means that it cannot be exactly the name of the company or what it stands for. For example, the unforgettable swoosh of Nike has no relation to the name of the company or Apple’s logo, which it’s just a reference for the name of the company.

      Combination logos are the best option for new businesses just starting and building their brand recognition. Companies that have gained some attraction and might want to simplify their logos later can either choose to lose the text or the symbol and move ahead with one of the forms.

    4. Brandmark Logo

      These logos are less commonly used. They are not text or a symbol but rather an abstract idea. For example, Apple’s logo, which is just an apple, and Twitter’s Bluebird symbol. These kinds of logos do not contain the name of the brand. This kind of logo is much more suited for companies that have already created a name for themselves or are well-reputed, as this can be a big risk for any small business.This kind of logo is also known as a pictorial logo. In its truest form, it is only just an image.

      It is very important to think carefully about the idea a company wants to portray with this logo as the image will become a part of the brand and its recognition. It needs to be very well thought out. The company wants to invoke emotion like the World Wildlife foundations logo, a panda, or convey the brand’s message like Snapchat’s ghost app icon.

    5. Emblem Logo

      This kind of logo is one of the oldest forms of logo. It is usually of a vintage/retro style and consists of text between a generally a circle shape. Emblem logos can be seen on badges, seals, or crests.  One of the most used logo in Different Types of Logos.
      Emblem logo is used to communicate royalty or classy, which is usually for brands that have been around for a long time could stop as these are kind of a vintage form; they can be tricky to use across various platforms like in an app I can.

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