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Cozmoh Pixel is an Online Market place for Digital Freelancing Services. We have high quality Indian Freelancers who can cater any of your Digital requirements. You as a customer get options to choose from to find the perfect fit freelancer for you job.

Once you select you freelancer and complete the payment, then our executive will connect you with our freelancer over a WhatsApp group. This will make it very handy for you to coordinate with each other and get your job done.

You as customer will have to make the full payment before we connect you with the freelancer. This is to protect the freelancer rights. But the payment will be held by Cozmoh Pixel for maximum of 15 days until the work is completed and the customer is satisfied and then release the payment to the freelancer.

If for any unfortunate reason the freelancer cannot complete the project from his/her end. Then our team will look into the matter and will refund you the full amount.

Yes you do have an option to cancel the project, but only if the project is not initiated from the freelancer end.

Yes, you can report or raise a complaint against any freelancer to Team Cozmoh Pixel. Our team will look into the matter thoroughly and then take action if the freelancer is found guilty.

We recommend you to get all your work done through Cozmoh Pixel as our team will always be present to solve any queries and also paying a freelancer through Cozmoh Pixel gives you and added security, giving you an assurance of your job completion.

If you cancel the project before the freelancer starts the work, you will get complete refund. Also if the freelancer is unable to complete the project for any reason then the amount will be refunded to you.

Yes all the freelancers are  trustworthy as we have hand-picked them by doing all kinds of background checks.

No, we do not have any hidden costs. Whatever price is shown on the website is the starting price of the respective service. Once the freelancer gives you the final quotation, no other charges will be added.