Freelancer Agreement

Updated at 2022-02-11

This Freelance Agreement (here in after termed as “Agreement”) is made and entered into this [date] (here in after termed as “Said Date”) by and between Cozmoh Pixel, which conducts business, and {Freelancer}, the agreement covers the type of work done by freelancer and the followings details of the project.

The details of the Freelancer’s project for Client:

WHEREAS, the Company is undergoing the business of providing client to the freelancer;

WHEREAS, the freelancer has expertise in the area of [insert description of area of expertise];

WHEREAS, the Company has now decided to hire the consultants to render their services in certain areas of the business where they have established their expertise;


NOW, THEREFORE, the Parties hereby agree as follows:

  1. The freelancers are expected to render services in their respective areas , which has to be performed with due diligence and guaranteed up to the agreed period of time
  2. As a consideration to the service rendered the Company(Cozmoh Pixel) shall remit a fee amount of 20% of the total revenue earned to the company as commission.
  3. The freelancer will maintain confidentiality of clients details. 
  4. Any misconduct or offensive language with the client will lead to to termination of the contract immediately and blacklisting the freelancer. 
  5. All billing and transaction with the client must be done via Cozmoh Pixel. Any illegal transaction or violation of the contract will lead to termination of the contract immediately and blacklisting the freelancer. 

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