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Are you looking for a website developer who can help you turn your website into a functional one?

Look no more… 

Hi, I am Rishad, I have quite some experience in website development. My work with some firms is sufficient to demonstrate my expertise in designing your website.

Let’s connect to make your online presence interactive!


  • WordPress
  • HTML
  • PHP

Personal Info

  • Location : Kerala
  • Experience : 1+ years
  • Type of freelancer : Full time
  • Gender : Male


These are the professional services I provide

✔️ WordPress Website
✔️ Wix Website
✔️ HTML Website
✔️ Shopify Website

✔️ Custom Website
✔️ Landing Pages
✔️ Payment Gateways


Starting prices of each services are...

WordPress Static Website (basic 5-6 pages) = Rs. 7500/- 

ECommerce Website (Woo commerce) = Rs. 18750/- 

News Portal = Rs. 16250/-

Dynamic Website = Rs. 12500/-

Editing Existing Website = Rs. 3750/-

LMS= Rs. 18750/-

My work

These are the projects I have worked on for various clients

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