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Hi, I am Shweta Pandey, and I love to write. I also have a knack for creating valuable content, so be rest assured that I can help you in all your writing needs. 

My education and work experience give me the advantage to help you out with engaging, well-researched pharma/medical content as per your requirements.


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  • Team Management
  • MS Word 
  • Adaptability

Personal Info

  • Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Experience : 2 Years
  • Type of freelancer : Full time
  • Education : Bachelor in Pharmacy
  • Gender : Female


These are the professional services I provide

✔️ Ad and Sales Copy
✔️ Blogging
✔️ Brand Journalist
✔️ Brochure Content
✔️ Business Writer
✔️ Content Editors

✔️ Emails
✔️ Industry Writing
✔️ Social Media Writer
✔️ Technical Writing 
✔️ Web Content

My work

These are the projects I have worked on for various clients

Food Felecia one of the most valuable and recognized companies for food and
catering services based in Mumbai. if you are planning a celebration, let us take
care of the food details so you have time to greet your guests with style. With each
event that we cater to, we continually develop a reputation for excellence in
wedding catering, corporate catering, industrial, film catering, holiday party
catering, and so much more.
Our dedication and commitment to quality and sustainability have earned us a
loyal following among our clientele, one that continues to grow based on
enthusiastic referrals. Our experience, proficiency, and commitment to personal
service are epitomized in our planning, selection of innovative menus, and
execution of arrangements to the minutest detail ensuring that your event is
coordinated to clockwork precision and executed with élan – the way you want it to
Over the years, we have cultivated close relationships with farmers and producers
who share our way of thinking and doing things. From the kitchen to the
boardroom, our staff strives to exceed expectations in service, quality, and
reliability.No matter what your needs might be—even if you have some
challenging menu restrictions—we are happy to accommodate. Well-known for our
outstanding service, delectable cuisines & meticulous planning, we add spice to
every occasion and make every occasion a perfect cause for celebration.
From vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, celiac-friendly, and dairy-free preferences,
right down to the dyed-in-the-wool carnivore, we will create a delicious custom
menu that is sure to delight the senses. We are more than capable of catering to a
wide range of events and sizes of groups, from feeding hundreds of guests to
table-side service for an intimate dinner party with some of your closest friends —
and everything in between! Celebrate your special day with Food Felecia for a
memorable event for you and your guest, it’s time for your party hat on!

Most magnetic must-wear perfumes known for their power of attraction

Cologne is always a good conversation starter and also, people remember you by
the cologne you wear. When the cologne is a musk, there is no possibility that you
will leave the event unnoticed. Liquid absorbs energy and stores it—that’s the
spiritual benefit you’ll get if you wear musk perfume. Musk equalizes the
imbalanced energy around you and surround you with healthy positive energy full
with passion in life. Psychiatrically, the aroma motivates the person for her desires
in life by filtering away the negative energies and vibrations.

Product Name: All Good Scents CHIC Eau De Toilette, Perfume for Women 100
Product Link:
Award Title: Long laster
Headline: Scent of elegance and style
Short Description: A perfume made with cedar, jasmine, white musk and amber
gives a lovely cologne.
Article Body: This perfume is France’s only scent that gives you one bottle filled
with white musk, cedar, wild hyacinth, bamboo, white rose and last but not least
jasmine. White musk along with other monumental ingredients gives royal evince
which makes it a must-wear perfume for women. Nonetheless, this perfume is also
famous for its long-lasting potential.

Product Name: Jovan Musk Body Spray for Women, 150ml
Product Link:
Award Title: Best perfume deodorant
Headline: Let musk unleash the mysterious fragrance
Short Description: A handy musk deodorant with musk as the primary ingredient
and jasmine, neroli and bergamot blends as secondary ingredients.
Article Body: Delightened cologne of musk with delicate floral blends of jasmine,
neroli and bergamot makes this perfume deodorant a unique slice of Jovan’s best
creation to arouse the passion in life. Musk is known for balancing positive energy
by hindering the negative energy—makes your day not less than romantic song.
Last of all, musk unleashes your desires which likely make them easier to achieve.
Product Name: Jovan Musk Eau de Cologne for Women, 96ml
Product Link:
Award Title: Strong cologne
Headline: A concentrated musk perfume
Short Description: Musk perfume will revitalize your balance of spiritual energy
and promote a healthy life.
Article Body: This musk perfume will allure your appearance with the mysterious
and tempting fragrance. It will be very hard to just unsee the woman who is
wearing this pleasant aroma. Concentrated musk perfume is the power of

attraction. It will permanently keep negativity away from you and promote a
vigorous life full of desires.

Product Name: The Body Shop Black Musk Fragrance Mist 100 Ml 3.3 Oz
Product Link:
Award Title: Value for money
Headline: Black musk with long-lasting cologne
Short Description: Black musk used for its alluring fragrance proves that there is
no perfume as good as black musk.
Article Body: Black musk is famous right from our ancestors—who used it to
allure their appearance and make them more appealing. It was the best formula
then and is the best formula now with spiritual and psychiatric stability. Black
musk arouses motivation to do something you truly desire which makes it quite
easier than before. Spiritually, it lowers the vibrations around you so that you can
concentrate on what is tempting you.
Product Name: St. Louis Original Musk Perfume Eau De Perfume for Men and
Women (100 ml) Apparel Perfume/Premium Quality/Free 10 ml Bottle Inside
Product Link:
Award Title: Premium unisex perfume

Headline: Musk for him and her
Short Description: A premium quality of musk perfume with first-grade
fragrance—that no one can unsee.
Article Body: A perfume manifest with musk is the new law you must know if
you are looking for someone. This perfume’s fascinating aroma is certainly a
conversation starter. Wear this cologne to look magnetic and never get ignored by
anybody. This perfume also has spiritual and magical energies which will surround
you for a vigorous life.

Bhingari Restaurant and Bar established in the year XYZ primarily operates and
based in Mumbai. Considering our experience, We are committed to providing
practical, proven insights and resources to enable you to build a better restaurant
experience, a better occurrence, and most importantly, a better adventurous time
for you, your family, and your entire team of associates. while today’s fine dining
has evolved into an eclectic blend of cuisines and concepts we strive to create an
exceptional atmosphere at our restaurant.
Creating a fine dining atmosphere is all about the details and we go well beyond
music, lighting, and art on the walls. We explain the entire menu without notes,
often while hitting emotional cues with our guests. While we recognize the risks,
workload, and challenges inherent in starting a restaurant, we believe there are
proven insights and practices that can dramatically improve a restaurant’s odds of
success. The company’s expansion plan includes an extension for food solutions to
corporates, multiplexes, fast food kiosks, premium caterers.
You’re seeking a wholly different experience with well-trained bar staff and at least
one sommelier offering diners information about the wines and their ideal food
pairings. Customers in fine dining establishments expect high-quality food,
top-shelf spirits, and stellar customer service, all of which come at a premium at
bhingra restaurant and bar. we emphasize fresh, local food prepared in unique ways
and served in an atmosphere that is unlike any other restaurant.
We are often characterized by elaborate menus, attentive service, and sophisticated
decor with crisp white tablecloths. With an unmatched range of options, bhingra
restaurant and bar will always provide the right environment for you and your
family. Discover your destination’s iconic landmarks, traditional celebrations, and
cultural delights – all with the peace-of-mind in knowing that Bhingra Restaurant
and bar is always at your fingertips.
We believed that the trend of mixing drinks with stimulating liquors and spirits to
create cocktails started way back in the 1800s. Since then, we have been
introduced to many unique and exciting cocktails. It has become quite fashionable
to serve cocktails at bars and parties. Besides the timeless tipples like a
Cosmopolitan or an Old Fashioned, mixologists are continually experimenting to

invent something refreshing and new. However, there are some classic cocktails
that have always been and will always be the soul of our events.
No one quite knows just how the drinks came to earn their name, but the term
“cocktail” was coined right in America. We offer a great variety of the very best
cocktails you’ll find. Our unique menu goes above and beyond what you’ll find at
other bars in terms of creativity, style, and, of course, taste. Plus, our tableside
mixology turns to order a drink into a one-of-a-kind experience where a mixologist
will create your drink tableside as you watch. These mixed drinks are versatile and
allow you to explore a wide range of tastes.
During the full process of creating your drink and food, our staff visit your table
privately and are happy to share insights into their creativity and blending methods
where you can sense a deeper appreciation of art and skills into each and every
platter as well as drinks. So which dish or drink do you plan to try the next time
you visit the bhingra restaurant and bar? Come and visit our restaurant for a
delightful experience.

We at kolsa has been serving delicious, authentic Indian cuisine to residents of
Mumbai since 2015. We are proud to welcome and extend our warm greetings to
our guests. Whether you are familiar with Indian cuisine, or a first-timer, our team
take great care to ensure each dish suits the guest perfectly, and our chefs are happy
to adjust dishes to personal taste. Those with specific dietary requirements such as
coeliac disease, or have a dairy intolerance, are fully catered for in consultation
with our head chef. Our wine list is chosen with care to complement the flavors of
Indian cuisine. For special occasions, we are happy to prepare a specific menu in
consultation with our customers, and we always welcome groups and parties.
Kolsa Restaurant is your best destination for great-tasting, authentic Indian food in
Mumbai, with all your favorite Northern Indian recipes, highlights from the
Southern Indian style of cooking, and the latest from the exciting fusion style of
modern Mumbai. In fact, we have so many choices on our menu that it is
sometimes difficult to decide what to eat! This makes our special-value lunch
buffets a tempting option, and an excellent way for you to try a little – or a lot! – of
We adhere to very high standards regarding food storage, preparation, and
presentation. Feedback from our customers is key, and actively sought after. The
irony here is that Indian food names are quite simple. The dishes are usually
named after the main components or where they come from. That was a rundown
of what you commonly find on a typical Indian restaurant menu. Next time when
you go to your favorite Indian restaurant to enjoy a meal, use our guide to the most
popular Indian dishes and order something outside of your comfort zone. There’s a
good chance you will be surprised to know how much goodness you were missing
out on!
The popularity of our food and service has allowed us to expand. Together with our
staff, each of whom has considerable experience in hospitality, we hope to make
your visit to Kolsa as enjoyable as possible. Our chefs are highly trained in Indian
regional cuisine, and our waiting staff receives ongoing training in customer
service. Our commitment to customer service is acknowledged by the positive
reviews we have received over a number of years, and we are now one of the most
highly rated restaurants along with all-time public choice.

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