Graphic Designing Course


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Discover, top-class training in Graphic Design – With Daryll Rodrigues, Founder and CEO, Cozmoh Pixel

What you will learn

  1. The Fundamentals of Graphic Design
  2. Overview of Professional Tools
  3. Design Psychology
  4. Consumer Behavior
  5. Design Activity: Social Media Posts Design
  6. Design Activity: Flyer Design
  7. Design Activity: Brochure Design
  8. Design Activity: Logo Design
  9. Design Activity: UI/UX 
  10. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  11. How to stand out in the world of Freelancing
  12. Marketing Psychology
  13. Marketing Tactics/Channel
  14. How to market yourself
  15. Setting Prices for your Services
  16. Creating your Professional Portfolio
  17. How to Close your First Client
  18. Starting Your Own Graphic Design Agency

Course Details

  • Course Duration- 4 weeks
  • Days- Alternate.
  • Strength Per Slot- 3 Students only (to ensure in-depth learning)
  • Course Price- 15,000/- [Scholarships available]

Your Coach & Mentor

Daryll Rodrigues

Founder and CEO, Cozmoh Pixel

  • Professional Graphic Designer with 6+ years of experience
  • Catered to Clients all over India
  • Professional Android Developer with 6+ years of experience
  • Experience in Electronics and Robotics
  • Comes up from a Mechanical Engineering background
  • Holds strong experience in Product Design, Design Psychology, Marketing Psychology and Leadership training
  • Mentor to multiple start-ups and companies

Your Coach & Mentor